Fall Chic Style + Must Have Skirts for Fall

    Burgundy Faux Leather Skirt

    I think we can all agree that Fall is a favorite for most, specially those of us that have an affinity for fashion and style. I’ve said this before, but I feel like Fall is a season that makes it easier to look more put together no matter the occasion or time of day. Layers add to and complete an outfit and we tend to coordinate those layers. Also, somehow wearing high heel boots to the grocery store doesn’t seem that out of place as wearing stiletto heels, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Basically what I’m saying is that Fall is like the chic, sophisticated friend in the group–of seasons. And today I am showing this Fall chic style + must have skirts for Fall. (See skirt selection toward the end of this post)

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    Tips To Help Moisturize Dry Skin During Cold Months

    tips on how to moisturize dry skin during cold months

    I have suffered from dry skin for as long as I can remember, which means I am always looking for ways to keep it moisturized. The cold, dry months are the worst–the lack of moisture in the air and the frigid temperatures really wreak havoc on my skin. I have found many ways that help tremendously and I want to share with you my tips to help moisturize dry skin during cold months with the help of Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula products.

    These are not the very familiar cocoa butter products, we all already love. Coconut oil has long been Read more…


    Celebrating International Merlot Month

    Thank you Decoy for sponsoring this post. Celebrate International Merlot Month this October by using the hashtag #MerlotMe on social!

    Decoy Merlot

    Its been a while since I’ve posted about food, but what better time than when celebrating International Merlot Month! I do have to confess that I’m actually not a big Merlot fan. My friend and wine partner, Becky and I can immediately tell if we get served merlot instead of what we usually drink. Yes, it actually happens and quite a bit, depending on the restaurant.

    But here’s a little story for you. A couple of years ago Read more…


    Shop Luxury Brand Cushnie at Insider Pricing

    Cushnie Sale

    Cushnie is a luxury brand that I have admired from afar for a while. Many celebrities such as Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, even the Kardashians wear this brand. Their designs are modern, feminine, minimalist and sophisticated. And now both you and I can shop the luxury brand Cushnie at insider pricing!

    How? Sign up for free at Recleau and you can shop their dropsale starting this Monday, October 1st. Recleau is an online shopping experience unlike Read more…


    A Place to Live, Work and Play

    Novel Stonewall Station - A Place to Live, Work and Play

    My love for Charlotte just keeps growing and growing. In the last 13 years that I’ve lived here I’ve seen this wonderful city flourish and grow. With so many new businesses and activities popping up at a steady, and rather rapid pace, the Queen City has become Read more…


    Polka Dot Dress

    Polka Dot Dress

    Polka dots have taken fashion by storm this year. Yes, it is a current trend, but it is also a classic print. Think 50’s retro. This wrap polka dot dress has that feel. Its girly, its flirty and of course I had to add some edge to it with this faux leather moto jacket and stiletto booties. Its another great way to take a summer item and style it for fall. You all should know by now how much I love transitional pieces. You can shop this dress HERE and use code ABOVE 40 for 40% OFF site wide.

    •   •   •   •

    So, I had this post prepared solely about fashion and this dress (which is fab) and I was going to talk about it more because I shot this last week and needed to post this week. But its been a tough few days for me Read more…


    Take Your Mini Skirt into Fall

    Take your mini skirt into Fall

    September is a very odd month. We are at a point in the year when hot weather is still very much present but we are ready for cooler temperatures so that we can start styling our sweaters, jackets and layer up with scarves and hats. I love when I can take pieces and style them in the Summer as well as the Fall. So today I’m showing you how to take your mini skirt into Fall.

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