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    NYFW Recap + Ten Tips When Attending

    NYFW Recap and Ten Tips

    I spent 3 days in NYC, been back for 4 days and I’m still recuperating! That’s how much we did, and how hectic it can be when attending New York Fashion Week.

    This marks my second time attending NYFW, I thought I’d learn enough from the first time, but no. Ok maybe some, but still not enough. Let me first recap ALL that we did during (I’ll try to be concise), and then I’ll share ten tips to consider when attending NYFW.

    Jessica (@jesskatt123 on IG) and I have been virtual friends since we both started blogging over two years ago, this was her first time going so naturally we decided to room together. We ended up gaining a third roommate, Michelle (@stylebeacon on IG), late on our first night, as she decided last minute to fly from CA and attend NYFW.

    On our first night, Read more…


    Ulta Picks for NYFW

    Ulta Picks. e.l.f. cosmetics. Naked Palette

    I’ve partnered with Ulta and MavenX to show you some of my must-have Ulta picks that I will be carrying with me to New York Fashion Week this weekend.

    I’ve you’ve ever been to NYFW you would know that things can get a little hectic running from show to show. So a girl needs all the help she can get to get her makeup to last all day, and these are some items that help me do just that. Read more…


    Picnic in Paris with ModCloth

    ModCloth Dress Paris Picnic

    Happy Monday! Summer is officially over as kids start school today. As a last hoorah, we took the kids to Paris and got back just last week. One week ago today we were sitting on the Champs de Mars basking in perfect weather and the most lavish picnic you can imagine. Enjoy Picnic in Paris was gracious enough to host my family for what could be described as the most incredible Read more…


    Preparing for End of Summer

    Blue Halter Romper

    Hi all!! Boy, has this summer flown by or what? I mean, we still have a bit to go but the end of summer is coming, and its coming fast! How has is been for you so far?

    As I am preparing for end of summer, I can’t help but think that its kind of bitter sweet. I think I am one of the few moms that actually love having the kids off school. It can get a bit challenging at times, trying to think of ways to keep them occupied, but I love being able to have movie nights or game nights with them and staying up late, and even better yet, being able to wake up late! At the same time, I do crave having a routine back again.

    With just about a month left of summer, we have lots going on. As I mentioned in one of my recent Instagram posts, we are going to Read more…


    Get Your Best Skin With Advanced Clinicals

    Get Your Best Skin With Advanced Clinicals

    Happy Wednesday friends!! I wanted to share with you all a new skin care line that I have been trying for the past month. This was actually supposed to be just an Instagram post but I love this line so much that I actually wanted to make a video, but I had some major technical difficulties that I need to fix soon. So, instead I will write it all on this post and help you get your best skin.

    Advanced Clinicals is a skincare line made with high quality, natural ingredients at affordable prices, with nothing over $20! The reason why they are able to keep the prices low is because they have their own FDA inspected facility where they formulate and manufacture on-site. They have an array of oils and serums, which is what attracted me to the line in the first place (you all know how much I love my serums), as well as masks and lotions.

    Let’s start with the oils and serums that I received… Read more…


    How to Avoid a Fashion Emergency

    Thank you Dove for sponsoring this post. Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant goes on invisible, leaving no white marks on 100 colors of clothing.

    Avoid a fashion emergency with Dove Dry Spray

    When faced with white marks from a deodorant, 57 percent of women report trying to wash them out, while ultimately 1 in 3 women say they’ve had to change their outfit completely. I’ve partnered with Dove to show you how you can avoid this common fashion emergency. Because who has time to waste fixing it or trying to select another outfit? As a busy mom, I know I could use all the help I can get to make it through the morning as flawlessly as it could possibly go.

    The new Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant goes on invisible, leaving no Read more…

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