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    NYFW Recap + Ten Tips When Attending

    NYFW Recap and Ten Tips

    I spent 3 days in NYC, been back for 4 days and I’m still recuperating! That’s how much we did, and how hectic it can be when attending New York Fashion Week.

    This marks my second time attending NYFW, I thought I’d learn enough from the first time, but no. Ok maybe some, but still not enough. Let me first recap ALL that we did during (I’ll try to be concise), and then I’ll share ten tips to consider when attending NYFW.

    Jessica (@jesskatt123 on IG) and I have been virtual friends since we both started blogging over two years ago, this was her first time going so naturally we decided to room together. We ended up gaining a third roommate, Michelle (@stylebeacon on IG), late on our first night, as she decided last minute to fly from CA and attend NYFW.

    On our first night, Read more…


    Picnic in Paris with ModCloth

    ModCloth Dress Paris Picnic

    Happy Monday! Summer is officially over as kids start school today. As a last hoorah, we took the kids to Paris and got back just last week. One week ago today we were sitting on the Champs de Mars basking in perfect weather and the most lavish picnic you can imagine. Enjoy Picnic in Paris was gracious enough to host my family for what could be described as the most incredible Read more…


    How I Scored Tickets to Paris for $422

    How I scored tickets to Paris for $422

    Oh Paree! The city of lights, love and every girl’s dream. The first time my husband and I visited Paris together was magical and romantic. We did all the touristy stuff and spent an entire day in the champagne region with another couple, which was a blast. But our favorite memories are when we just strolled the streets of Paris without an agenda. We would peruse through the outdoor markets picking fresh ingredients and wine from different vendors and sitting at a park bench or on the grounds of the Champ de Mars, with the Eiffel Tower as our companion, having our little own French picnic. We felt like Read more…


    Holiday Gift Guide For The Wanderlust

    Gift Guide For Traveler



    We all know someone that loves to travel, so I put together a gift guide for the Wanderlust in your life. And if that person is you, then you can pass this guide on to your loved ones as a hint for what to get you 🙂

    How adorable is that burgundy velvet backpack?? Not only is it Read more…


    Hotel Review – Yotel Times Square

    Yotel Times Square Review

    I was recently back in New York City for meetings, about a month after being there for NYFW and Yotel Times Square became my home for three wonderful days in the Big Apple. Located in Hell’s Kitchen, you are just two blockS away from being in the middle of Times Square and all the action.

    I have to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect since Yotel seemed Read more…


    Tips and Things We Learned While at NYFW

    Tips for NYFW

    As you all know by now, I had the tremendous opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week just a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say that it was one of the most amazing and fun experiences ever! Since it was my first time attending NYFW, this meant there was a lot of learning about the process, the shows, planning, etc. So I, along with the help of some of my Style Collective Sisters, compiled some tips and things we learned about NYFW. These are some things we never expected that I want to share with you if you’re planning on going to the next NYFW. Read more…


    Hotel Review – Secrets Resort Papagayo Costa Rica

    Secrets Resort Papagayo Costa Rica

    Its been less than two weeks since we went to beautiful Costa Rica. My husband’s company holds a sales reward trip every year, each year to a different resort. This is our fourth trip with the company and we were elated that Costa Rica was the choice. We had been there before, about 5 years ago when my brother used to live there.

    Prior to this trip both my husband and I Read more…

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