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    When Style Meets Technology

    Activity and fitness tracker ring

    When style meets technology, count me in ūüôčūüŹĽ¬†always! I love technology, but my husband loves it even more, like way more, so thankfully he’s able to help me out if I get stuck with something. And in this day in age, we have to constantly keep up with the latest, not just to simplify our lives but also to keep up with the kiddos and understanding what they are up to, but that’s a whole other subject.

    I LOVE statement rings. And what better way to wear a statement ring than one that tracks your activity? Read more…


    My Fossil Story

    I want to share with you my Fossil story. I remember getting my very first Fossil watch. I think I must have been around 15 years old and my family and I were in Read more…


    Friday Favorites: Gifts

    Best gifts for anyone and any occasion

    Happy Friday my friends!! I hope you all had a great week and wish you an awesome weekend!

    We have just entered the season of special occasions. With Mother’s Day just two days away, Father’s Day coming up, graduations and wedding season upon us, it can get somewhat overwhelming figuring out what kind of gifts to get for our loved ones. So, even though its been a while, I’ve curated a gift guide with few items that I am absolutely loving right now and some that I have come across while looking for gifts myself.¬† Read more…


    Dress and Sneakers; My Latest Obsession

    Striped Jersey Dress and Designer Inspired Sneakers

    Lately, I’ve been on a sneakers kick. When I peruse the web and scroll through the shoes section of any online store, I find myself looking at sneakers only, bypassing and practically ignoring heels, sandals, wedges and flats. I’ve been so unwittingly focused on the array of sneaker options that I’m sure I’ve missed some super cute heel designs.

    Fashion is taking a more casual approach starting¬†with¬†athleisure wear, and sneakers are now more Read more…


    Striped Button Up and Ripped Denim + Must Have Latest Denim Trends

    Striped Button Up Shirt Ripped Denim

    There’s something classic about a button up shirt. I’m obsessed with them, but its kind of hard to find the right one, at least for me. It has to have the right fabric so that I don’t feel stiff and constrained. I found this navy striped button up by Read more…


    Festival Approved

    Boho White Top

    While I’ve never been to Coachella, I definitely appreciate all of the boho vibes happening during that time of the year and I take some of that inspo to apply it to my wardrobe. I like more of a subtle boho look, I mean lets face it, I can’t be wearing itty bitty crochet bikini tops with cheek revealing cutoff shorts and boots or gladiator sandals that go up to the knees. If I could I would, but I can’t. Its a super cute look and all, and I would do my own version of it for the beach or the pool.

    Anyways, I got here for you a subtle boho look that is still festival approved. I am totally¬†obsessed with this Read more…


    Spring Boho Vibes

    Boho Dress Military Jacket

    You know Target gets sh*t right when you wear three of their pieces at once and create a cool Spring boho vibes look. These said three pieces are the floral midi dress, peep toe heels, and sunglasses.

    I wore this outfit last weekend while Read more…

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