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    Leather and Lace

    Leather and lace mini skirt

    Happy Monday friends!! I hope your weekend was fantastic! I had a full weekend with birthday celebrations, photo shoots and hiking with the family. I think I am now finally back to some sort of a routine, and I hope it sticks. As much as I love to travel, it always gets me a bit out of sorts.

    Speaking of traveling, you all know by now that I was in NYC recently for New York Fashion Week. It was Read more…


    NYFW Recap + Ten Tips When Attending

    NYFW Recap and Ten Tips

    I spent 3 days in NYC, been back for 4 days and I’m still recuperating! That’s how much we did, and how hectic it can be when attending New York Fashion Week.

    This marks my second time attending NYFW, I thought I’d learn enough from the first time, but no. Ok maybe some, but still not enough. Let me first recap ALL that we did during (I’ll try to be concise), and then I’ll share ten tips to consider when attending NYFW.

    Jessica (@jesskatt123 on IG) and I have been virtual friends since we both started blogging over two years ago, this was her first time going so naturally we decided to room together. We ended up gaining a third roommate, Michelle (@stylebeacon on IG), late on our first night, as she decided last minute to fly from CA and attend NYFW.

    On our first night, Read more…


    Graphic Tees That Give Back

    Graphic Tees That Give Back

    I’ve found a site with the cutest and softest graphic tees that give back. But let me back up a bit and tell you the story of how my blogger friend, Lauren, and I got to partner together with Sevenly.

    Lauren Schwaiger and I met at a Style Collective meet up in Charlotte last March. Another meet up and an event later, we were hitting it off and before we knew it, we were on a double date with our significant others. As the conversation between the four of us progressed the topic of Read more…


    Picnic in Paris with ModCloth

    ModCloth Dress Paris Picnic

    Happy Monday! Summer is officially over as kids start school today. As a last hoorah, we took the kids to Paris and got back just last week. One week ago today we were sitting on the Champs de Mars basking in perfect weather and the most lavish picnic you can imagine. Enjoy Picnic in Paris was gracious enough to host my family for what could be described as the most incredible Read more…


    Gingham End of Summer Dress

    Gingham Summer Dress

    I write this post as we fly back from Paris. Our second time there was just as magical and romantic as the first (even with kids). You just can never get enough of this city, and there’s still so much we have yet to explore. The kids both said they would love to live there and learn French. My husband and I have talked about spending our Summers Read more…


    Swimsuits for D Cup and Up

    I have talked about the problem with having large breast before in a post from a few months ago. And one of the negatives is finding a swimsuit that will hold them up. If you have them, you understand me, right?

    I absolutely love just about every bandeau swimsuit I come across. But of course, there’s no support whatsoever. I have finally found a brand that has made my dreams com true! Read more…


    One Shoulder Romper

    A little rain ain’t stopping us. So, on our way to shoot this look the sun was out and shining bright. Out of nowhere is started to pour, then the sun came out again, and then another pour. And as you can see, that pattern kept playing while taking the photos, some with rain some with sun. Yes, it was a bit frustrating but it never stopped us!

    By the way, we leave for Paris to-mo-rrow!!!!! We are all so excited, the kids are literally counting down the hours. Follow along on Read more…

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