Graphic Tees That Give Back

Graphic Tees That Give Back

I’ve found a site with the cutest and softest graphic tees that give back. But let me back up a bit and tell you the story of how my blogger friend, Lauren, and I got to partner together with Sevenly.

Lauren Schwaiger and I met at a Style Collective meet up in Charlotte last March. Another meet up and an event later, we were hitting it off and before we knew it, we were on a double date with our significant others. As the conversation between the four of us progressed the topic of giving back came up.

At the time I had just released my t-shirt collection and my husband was in the midst of working alongside with, an organization that helps provide clean water to villages in underdeveloped countries. I decided to donate a portion of the profits from my t-shirt sales to Water4 and partnered with them.

Our discussions at dinner lead to how Lauren and I want to use our position as influencers as a way to help out and bring awareness to causes that we can support. We loosely brought up some ideas and vowed to get together soon to discuss them more in depth. The very next morning as I was sitting at my kitchen table checking my emails, I see a message pop in from Sevenly wanting to collaborate.

Sevenly performs monthly, weekly, and even daily campaigns that change lives and bring awareness and funding to the world’s greatest causes. They’ve been featured on, Mashable, in Teen Vogue, in People, as well as top social media influencers and lifestyle bloggers. It was kismet! I told myself, “This is it! This could be our first of many ways to help and give back.” I immediately emailed them back and explained what my friend and I had discussed less than 12 hours prior and asked if she could join in on this collaboration.

Last week Lauren and I met up at Suffolk Punch (a coffee shop by day and brewery by night in Charlotte), and did a Facebook Live together talking about Sevenly and the tees we were wearing. “You May Say I’m a Dreamer. I’m Not The Only One” tee sites the words to the famous John Lennon song. This particular tee supports One Simple Wish, which help make dreams come true to children in the foster care system, making them feel and know that they matter. The tees come in many different styles and each cause has a variety of designs and quotes, so you’re sure to find one you love.

I have another tee of theirs that is the same style as Lauren is wearing in these pics, with the long sleeves, in navy and it says HOPE, Runs Deep. This one supports, and just the purchase of one tee provides clean water for one person for 6 years!

Visit and shop by your cause of choice, or style of tee, and help pay it forward.


Graphic Tees That Give Back

Graphic Tees That Give Back

Graphic Tees That Give Back

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Do you have a cause that you love to support? Did you check out if it is part of Sevenly?






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