NYFW Recap + Ten Tips When Attending

NYFW Recap and Ten Tips

I spent 3 days in NYC, been back for 4 days and I’m still recuperating! That’s how much we did, and how hectic it can be when attending New York Fashion Week.

This marks my second time attending NYFW, I thought I’d learn enough from the first time, but no. Ok maybe some, but still not enough. Let me first recap ALL that we did during (I’ll try to be concise), and then I’ll share ten tips to consider when attending NYFW.

Jessica (@jesskatt123 on IG) and I have been virtual friends since we both started blogging over two years ago, this was her first time going so naturally we decided to room together. We ended up gaining a third roommate, Michelle (@stylebeacon on IG), late on our first night, as she decided last minute to fly from CA and attend NYFW.

On our first night, Jessica and I, along with a couple of other friends Lauren Schwaiger and Erika from Tailoring Style, attended a makeup event for Maskcara Beauty at the Gotham Hotel’s Rooftop Terrace, where they served Woops macarons and sparkling rosé. We enjoyed meeting new bloggers and learned a bit more about contouring and the Mascara Beauty line. After this event we all met up with some more of my blogger friends (Ilona Shabovta from Truffles and Tassels, Kristen from The Glamorous Gal and Victoria from The Running Stylist) at 5 Napkin Burger. We laughed, we drank and we ate the most amazing burgers and appetizers.

The next day I had an appointment at 10am for a garment pull at Genny, an amazing Italian designer. Originally I was going to go with a fabulous dress, but upon seeing the two toned bronze and emerald laminated velvet suit, I fell in love. The pants have straps at the hem that wrap around and snap together, making it so different and so perfect for NYFW. I got tons of compliments, and the best part was that I was actually very comfortable all day. Thankfully the weather was nice and slightly cool. Thank you Genny for dressing me on this day!

Velvet Suit Genny Official

At 12pm we had our first show for Galtiscopio. Unfortunately, we arrived right at 12 and the line was already super long, so by the time we got half way through the line, the venue was filled up. Mind you, we all had invites to the show. At this point we decided to grab a bite to eat then headed to the WWD X Samsung Style Dimensions Panel with the CEO of Rebecca Minkoff as the speaker.

From there we headed back to the same venue as our first show (the one we missed), where our next show, Vaishali was at 3pm. We arrived at about 2:20pm to make sure we didn’t miss it. Because we had priority standing invites, we were able to get close to the front of the line. As we entered, they kept trying to fill up empty spots and I ended up front row!! Vaishali is a Mumbai-based luxury label that transforms authentic Indian Handlooms into wearable works of art. The pieces were beautiful and totally wearable. There were quite a few that I wanted right then and there.

Vaishali NYFW 2017

Vaishali NYFW 2017

Vaishali NYFW 2017

Vaishali NYFW 2017

Vaishali NYFW 2017

Vaishali NYFW 2017

Vaishali NYFW 2017

Vaishali NYFW 2017

Vaishali NYFW 2017

Vaishali NYFW 2017

After the Vaishali show we had Chromat scheduled at Skylight Clarkson at 4pm, about a 10-15 min Uber ride away. Again, we missed it due to the gallery filling up. But since we were inside Skylight Clarkson, we were able to visit the E! NYFW Studio and I also had backstage access from Maybelline to the Bibhu Mohapatra where we go to see them in action, doing hair and makeup for the upcoming show.

Maybelline NYFW 2017

At 6pm we had the Cindy Monteiro show back at the other venue and the Michael Costello Presentation afterwards which I am so disappointed I missed due to Uber not being where it was supposed to be and heavy rush hour traffic.

We took a quick little break and freshened up at the hotel and ended the day at the WWD X Samsung VIP Event and then an impromptu fun dinner at Dos Caminos, just right around the corner.

The next day, Saturday, was supposed to be a lighter day, or so we thought. It turned out to be just as busy and crazy.

Jessica and I started the day with getting our hair styled by Tresemme at Skylight Clarkson. We both got cool styles with braids and was just an honor to have them do our hair for the day ahead! From there we headed to the Runa Ray Show back at The Gallery. This one was super short but lovely.

Runa Ray NYFW 2017

Runa Ray NYFW 2017

Tresemme NYFW 2017

Afterwards we had the Banana Republic X Olivia Palermo Presentation at the Banana Republic Flagship store where we got to meet Olivia herself and take a pic with her (highlight of the trip!).

H&M Dress NYFW

At this point it was about 3-3:30pm and we were all starving with achey feet so we walked around the corner to Tarallucci e Vino and had the most amazing Italian food and wine. We talked and laughed and sounded like hens, I’m sure. After a couple of hours, I thought I would have some relaxing time, but I had to take the suit from Genny back to the East side. By the time I got back to the hotel I had to rush and get ready for the Lulu’s party with the lovely Janna Doan, she was nice enough to add me as her plus one.

I attended the Lulu’s party last year, which I was invited to, and this year was completely different but still fun. The venue was spectacular with an indoor/outdoor feel to it and they had the most delicious food and drinks! I mean look at those rosés with the cotton candy! We each got to pick one dress out of 5 or 6 choices, which I will post about in the near future.

Lulu's NYFW Event 2017

Lulu's NYFW Event 2017

After Lulu’s Janna and I headed to the Reward Style Party and let me tell you, that party was pumpin’! The music was awesome and we got to do a 360º Video Booth with Jessica (Uptown Fashion by Jess), Michelle (Style Beacon) and Jen (Interior Designerella), listen to the guy yell at us or wanting to do a little dance. We all wished the party would have gone for longer because everyone was having a blast!

At 9pm we had another show, Philipp Plein, in which Future and Dita Von Teese were performing at, with a VIP after party including Nicki Minaj. We all got invited to both, but unfortunately no one from our group went because the line was just too ridiculously long. Fortunately, our hotel was just behind where the venue was and we all went to the hotel bar and had some drinks, snacks and laughs. Eventually we called it quits and all headed back to our rooms/hotels. Jessica was not with me, she and Michelle had gone to eat after the Reward Style party. So at 11pm-ish she texts me to go meet her at Buddakhan, one of my favorite restaurants in NYC. I put my pants back on and asked Lauren if she wanted to come with. She was halfway to her hotel and she turned around and joined me. We were not ready to call it a night, I guess. We had a midnight snack and chatted with the girls at Buddakhan.

Sunday morning Jessica and I headed home, exhausted and worn out, but had such an amazing time. Jessica and Michelle were the best roommates and so sweet, yet honest about what we each should wear, which is very helpful.

So, now TEN TIPS for YFW:

  1. Plan ahead but keep your schedule flexible. The days never go as planned.
  2. Get to the shows at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled time.
  3. Don’t book shows one hour apart unless they are in the same vicinity.
  4. Stay in the Meat Packing District/Chelsea area, it will save you tons of $$ and time on Ubers.
  5. Always have a protein bar or snack with you, there will probably be times when you don’t have time to eat.
  6. Stay hydrated!! Some venues will have water bottles, grab one whenever possible. We felt so parched at times.
  7. Take or keep any tote bag with you to carry extra shoes, sweater, snacks, water bottles, camera, etc.
  8. Keep an eye on the weather days prior to getting to NYC so that you know what to pack. Last year it was scorching hot, this year it was nice and cool.
  9. Show invitations go out very last minute with no more than two weeks prior to NYFW and up to the day prior, so just book your flights according to the days you can travel and plan your show schedule afterwards.
  10. Last but, not least, something that really saved my feet was Sole Serum. I really only had to change my shoes once during the whole time. Sole Serum helps prevent achey feet. (this is not an ad, I truly love this product)

I know this post is long, but I hope it helps you understand what goes on during NYFW and that my tips can help you out whenever you decide to attend the glorious madness that is New York Fashion Week!


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