French Quote Graphic Tee

The launch of my new t-shirt collection is finally here! I have partnered with Proven Collection to bring you my very own trio of tees! Je veux vivre dans mes rêves translates to I want to live in my dreams in French. There are two ways of viewing this quote; 1) Your dreams at night are so wonderful that you want to live in them, so more of a direct meaning, 2) We all have dreams we want to accomplish in life and of course, we want to make them come true. For me the meaning is the latter. This quote is a way to keep me motivated in order to accomplish each and every one of my dreams, big or small.

I have always been in love with the French language, and although I am not entirely fluent, I can defend myself. One of my on going dreams is to visit France. I’ve already been to Nice and Paris and will be going back to Paris next month. But going back will always remain a dream, one that I hope to accomplish over and over again. When I first heard this quote I immediately took to my design program and created this graphic. It sat in my computer for a while and when I redid my office, I printed it and framed it. Then I had the opportunity to design my own t-shirt collection, and it was a no-brainer for me, this french quote had to be it! I also designed my own phone case using this quote as well, so now you know how much I love it.

The t-shirt material is incredibly soft and comfortable and I chose designs that are versatile and can be worn any time of the year, whether it be with shorts, jeans, skirts or leggings. I also wanted them to be able to take you from office to drinks to couch and keep you comfortable no matter what. See the images below for different ways to wear them.

In Partnership With

Part of the proceeds of the sale of each t-shirt will go to Water 4 to help provide clean water to people in need. “Water 4 addresses the problem of clean water access in developing countries. We do this by focusing on: health and hygiene promotion, leadership development, financial stewardship and well drilling training. As a result of this holistic approach, Water4’s drilling partners have not only a vocation and a means to provide for themselves and their families, but also the tools and skills to bring access to safe drinking water to their communities.” -Water 4

Watch this video for more information on Water 4.



French Quote Graphic Tees

French Quote Graphic Tees

French Quote Graphic Tees